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Dynamic and vibrant, Karamunsing Capital is a commercial development that’s set to revolutionise the business and retail environment of Kota Kinabalu.  With its modern vibe, impressive contemporary façade and high growth potential, Karamunsing Capital stands to be a major draw for businesses, office workers and tourists.

8 Blocks Of Commercial Development

· 16 lots of 3-storey shops/offices

· 39 lots of 2-storey shops

Total Units

· 110 units of shops

· 16 units of offices




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A Solid Investment with Rewarding Returns!

Karamunsing Capital offers superb value-for money property prices and an outstanding appreciation potential— making it an excellent investment opportunity for investors and business owners!

Exceptional Features

· Modern architectural facade

· Superb floor height:

- Ground floor shops       :                12’ 10”

- First floor shops            :                11’ 10”

- Offices                              :                10’ 8”

· More than 400 car park bays

· Spacious 10-feet wide corridors

· Standard lot width : 24’

· Good layout with excellent cross ventilation

· Low-rise practical design





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