Message - Chairman

Message from the Chairman

Tan Sri Dato’Seri Hj Megat Najmuddin bin Datuk Seri Dr Hj Megat Khas

Over the last few years, we have seen Asian Pac Holdings Berhad steadily transforming itself into a dynamic and sustainable growth company, based around a business model that is targeted specifically in excelling in the property industry.

As a 100-year old company that was first founded in 1913, we have seen ourselves surviving from world economic and financial crises, becoming stronger and more resilient each time, continuously evolving and adapting to new trends and new economics.

Good Governance

The Board of Directors believe on a business that is built on a solid foundation of human talent and clear business model, where sustained success over the long term is guaranteed with good governance and accountability to all stakeholders.

The Board will continue to fulfil its duties in the oversight of the Group’s business operations and financial performance, ensuring that the infrastructure, internal controls and risk management processes are firmly in place.

Human Talent

The Group appreciates and will continue to emphasize human talent as a core element of sustained growth and success, where each and every employee is a contributing part in the creation of a dynamic, creative, professional, integrated and united workforce that will deliver the Group to its targets.

We will continue to place importance on the need for effective sourcing and identification of talents, providing focused training, creation of new skills and adoption of new knowledge and technology, as we believe that visions are achieved by respecting and encouraging our greatest asset – our employees – to soar to greater heights.

Business Model

In a world where technological advances, consumer behaviour and market trends change constantly and rapidly, we have made our focus clear – excel in what we do in a way that exceeds what the market expects of us.

This philosophy made us resilient and adaptable in a challenging property industry, and as we continuously redefine our standards and heighten our expectations, Asian Pac Holdings Berhad will move closer to achieving excellence.