Message - Managing Director

Message from the Managing Director

Dato’ Mustapha bin Buang

Asian Pac Holdings Berhad has seen itself create a solid foundation on which to propel it to greater heights and to achieve our vision and targets.

It is with this vision and philosophy, along with our 100 years of history, that we have a set of basic principles to help us meet new market demands and new market trends in order that we may surpass them and deliver innovation and quality.

Creating It

We recognise the importance and impact that buildings have on people’s lives and the environment, and we aim to play a role beyond that of just another property developer by becoming a partner that is responsible.

Our motto, our value, challenges us to be an active participant of the building process, from planning and development, to construction and installation, and to commissioning and delivery, so that we immerse ourselves in the project as any end-user would.

Nurturing It

In embracing the building process in its totality, we aim to maintain and grow the team of talents that has strong fundamental experience and knowledge who are able to aim for excellence in their own domain, and when merged they form a stronger team that will build on the established corporate foundations.

We believe in a company culture that emphasizes sharing, collaboration and active participation, so that the ownership and a sense of belonging of our employees ensure that we continue to growth together in a responsible and accountable manner.

Living It

We believe that every project is not only a production process, but a journey that brings together the stakeholders to face the challenges in a collaborative manner that respects the diversity of cultures and customs in our society whilst aspiring to be a respected corporate citizen.

We have set for us clear principles – we create it, we nurture it, we live it – and we believe with our total delivery process, supported with the talents in our system, the journey ahead for Asian Pac Holdings Berhad will be exciting.